Rua António Carneiro, 84 | 4600-049 Amarante +351 255 431 036 (Call to a national fixed network)

The Hotel Navarras is prepared to receive its guests guaranteeing all the standards of safety and personal hygiene. From check-in to check-out, recommended hygiene and sanitation procedures have been implemented so that the stay is made with the greatest tranquility and security possible:

– All hygiene and cleaning techniques were reviewed and it’s been given the Clean & Safe certificate, from Turismo de Portugal, certifying the best comfort and safety of all its guests.

– All our employees have received training in the adaptation of new techniques and processes applicable to the current scenario.

–  A contingency plan has been prepared for identification and guidance of symptoms in employees and customers.

A period of interruption in the use of space was implemented, preceded by a total disinfection, between reservations from different accommodations.

– We ensure a constant frequency of cleaning of all places of greatest contact and public areas, where there is the use of suitable products and based on certified disinfectants.

– All areas of the hotel, including rooms, have certified disinfectant dispensers for all guests who wish to use.

Acrylic protective barriers were installed at reception and counters.

The rooms and suites have a complete disinfection of the recommended products and all cleaning personnel are using protective equipment, including protective masks and gloves.

All of our employees were trained to carry out actions that present the need to guarantee the rules of social distance, including support and office staff, and all deliveries and external services that are reduced to a minimum, without entering the premises.

– There are laundry services ensuring that the entire washing circuit to the rooms complies with safety standards.

Breakfast will be served at the table instead of the traditional buffet service, where only our employees handle the utensils.